DAWN ANITA  2018 Academy of Western Artists

"Western Female Vocalist"


Watch for DAWN ANITA's latest new single released 7-3-19 called "STAND UP I'M TALKING ABOUT TEXAS."

Dawn Anita and her son Jerry Don, known as "The Plumlees" were proud to have one of their songs "It's Time to Shine" go to No. 11 in the Australian Charts. 

DAWN ANITA was also nominated as Female Artist of the Year and her album Down on Wildhorse Creek was nominated as Album of of the Year with PCCAA. 

DAWN ANITA also had the honor of holding the title of MS SENIOR OKLAHOMA OF AMERICA in 2017. 

DAWN ANITA's latest album The Country in Me is receiving great airplay in the US and overseas.

Check out all of Dawn Anita's music. I'm sure you will find something you just have to have! 

You might want to purchase Dawn Anaita's book One More Last Chance also. Great autobiography and tells of she and her husband's 24-day horseback trip from Oklahoma to Nashville.





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